Capability Statements are a business resume that will serve as a marketing tool and door opener for potential government business opportunities.

We can assist you in developing an effective Government Capability Statement.

Online Training

This is a free four-week online training that takes place completely on the internet. It involves a variety of multimedia elements that could be accessed through the Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas.

What to expect from this online training?

  • The instruction, meeting, and interactions will be online.

  • The training includes activities and homework.

The objectives of the training are (1) to create an understanding of the types, goals, and outcomes of a capability statement, and (2) for you to develop an effective capability statement for the government.


This training will benefit you if:

  • You don’t have or want to improve your capability statement

  • You have time to dedicate to the process. We estimate that you would spend approximately 4 hours weekly.

Enrollment requirements:

  • Only for businesses

  • The business needs to be an RCCD PTAC client or located in Riverside or San Bernardino counties


August 3-31, 2020

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Week 1

- Access to Canvas

- Introduction

- Discussion Board

- Virtual Meeting

Week 2

- Unit 1: Creating Content

- Assessment

- Assignment

- Virtual Meeting

- One-on-one Meetings

Week 3

- Unit 2: Developing Capability Statement

- Assignment

- Virtual Meeting

- One-on-one Meetings

Week 4

- Assignment

- Discussion Board

- One-on-one Meetings

- Evaluation

Online Training Outline

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