Business Conference

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Industry Day

October 14, 2020 | 8:30 am - 11:30 am

0830:     Virtual Doors Open (main room/click for more)

0900:     Welcome Remarks (main room)

0910:     NSWC Corona, Command Overview & Naval X Inland Empire Tech Bridge (main room)

0950:     Range Systems (RS) Engineering Department, Upcoming Requirements with RS Leadership (main room)

1015:     5 minute break

1020:     Services Breakout Room (concurrent session/click for what we bought)

1020:     Products Breakout Room (concurrent session/click for what we bought)

1105:     Doing Business with NSWC Corona Division (main room)

1125:     Closing Remarks and Open Networking Opportunity (main room)

Special thanks to the following NSWC Corona Division personnel for participating in todays event:

Captain Hembree-Bey, USN        Commanding Officer
Mr. Corry Shedd            Chief of Staff
Ms. Annabel Aguilar        Infrastructure Engineering & Acquisition Branch Head
Mr. Troy Clarke             Tech Bridge Director
Mr. Sean Feeley            Facilities Branch Head (Acting)
Ms. Virginia Gookin         Industrial Security Specialist
Ms. Frances Herrod            Property Management Division Head
Ms. Mary Koster            Comptroller
Ms. Kim Longstaff            Protocol Officer
Mr. Demetrick Mixon         Physical Security Specialist
Dr. Ryan Olsen            RS 40 - Expeditionary Systems Engineering Division
Mr. Ashish Patel            Infrastructure Division Head (Acting)
Ms. Jennifer Peace            Director of Corporate Communications
Mr. Sam Rainwater             Deputy Chief Contracting Office
Ms. Jennifer Stewart         Technology Transfer Officer
Mr. Michael Stefani         RS 40 – Expeditionary Systems Engineering Division Manager
Dr. Subrata Sunyal            Chief Scientist, Measurement Science and Engineering Department 
Ms. Darla Sutton            Workforce Development Manager
Ms. Kim Ward            DPM RS01
Ms. Lianne White            Training Specialist
Mr. Vinoj Zachariah         RS 30 – Development Engineering Division Manager


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